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A big part of owning a home is keeping up with repairs. The best way to avoid repairs is with regular maintenance.

We can help when things fail as well as recommend ways to keep your home in the best possible shape.


You get peace of mind knowing we use a network of local professionals that you can trust.


Why We’re the Right Choice for You

Quick, safe and efficient service from established, reputable local contractors is standard with every protection plan we sell. We’re located right here in your community, allowing us to be responsive to your needs. Discover what sets us apart.


Robust Protection for Your Peace of Mind

The Total Home+ Warranty is our most thorough product and is designed to protect your home and your budget from the high cost of repairs. We protect inside and outside utility lines, your heating and cooling systems, water heater, laundry and kitchen appliances, and more.

Protect Your Home’s Most Critical Systems and Lines

The Total Home Warranty protects those critical lines, systems, and appliances you rely on each day. Competitive annual or monthly payment options are available so you can get back to the life you love.

Reasonably Priced Protection for Home Repairs

The Core+ Home Warranty offers ample protection to pick up where most homeowners insurance leaves off. From inside and outside utility lines, to heating and cooling systems, and your water heater, look to our team for worry-free protection.

Product Renewal

We’ll contact you when it’s time to renew. Best of all, there are no renewal price increases to the existing product!

Affordable Pricing

Costs listed are for a single-family residence. In every case, all utilities must currently be on for them to be eligible for protection. We offer annual and monthly payment options for your convenience.


Annual Monthly* Administrative Charge
(Per Failure/Service Call)**
Total Home+ $660 $55 $100
Total Home $585 $48.75 $100
Core+ $540 $45 $100


Monthly Payment Notice

*When you select monthly payments, we’ll charge your credit card once monthly for 12 months.
**Limitations apply. Full details of protection are in the Service Agreement, which you can view at Only available in Ohio.

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