Service FAQs

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

Do I call a contractor myself?
No. We will choose a qualified contractor for you. After reviewing your coverage, we will forward your contact information to the contractor and they will contact you within one business day.
I already had my own contractor make the repair. Will I be reimbursed?
Before you receive service, give us a call first, and complete a reimbursement form. Once you receive service, submit the form to us for reimbursement.
Can I schedule a time for my repair when I call you to make a claim?
Our contractors schedule their own calls and we do not have access to their schedules. They will call you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment time.
When will the contractor call me?
Our contractor will contact you within one business day to schedule service. We make every effort to accommodate emergency situations.
Can I get service on nights and weekends?
We make every effort to accommodate emergency situations. If you should request non-emergency service outside of normal business hours, you will be responsible for paying additional fees, including overtime charges, if such service is available.
Will I pay a service fee (deductible)?
There is an administrative charge per service call, which helps to keep your monthly (or annual) warranty cost low. You simply pay for the service when it’s needed!
My policy expired. Can I re-enroll and get coverage for a problem I have now?
We can only protect repairs that occur and are reported during your protection period. If a problem arises while your plan is expired, unfortunately we cannot cover it, even if you re-enroll.
Can you tell me if my repair is covered?
We can try to guide you in determining if your problem will be covered. Please remember that only someone who is at the property and can actually see what is happening can make that determination. Our Terms & Conditions are simple and straightforward so you’ll be able to tell pretty easily.
How will I know which contractor is calling me?
When you call us to schedule service we will notify you of the name and phone number of the contractor so you know who is contacting you.