Total Home+ Warranty

The Total Home+ Warranty is better than ever! We’ve added protection for outside water, sewer, gas**, and electric lines. And we contact the homeowner after closing to explain their plan and answer any questions they may have, continuing the personalized service they received from you. We provide a fresh approach to protecting homeowners from the high cost of repairs.

We’re the Perfect Choice for Your Clients

Quality, responsive service is standard with every protection plan we sell. With our most comprehensive product, Total Home+ Warranty, your clients can rely on worry-free protection of inside and outside utility lines, heating and cooling systems, their water heater, key laundry and kitchen appliances, and much more.

Sample Service Agreement

Low Administrative Charge

We’re committed to keeping our warranty plan prices low. It’s just a $100 administrative charge per failure/service call for our plans.

Protection for Outside Utility Lines

Most homeowners don’t realize they are responsible for repairs to outside utility lines—water, sewer, gas** and electric. And those repairs are expensive. That’s why we’ve included protection for those lines in our Total Home+ Warranty. Major repairs can pop up any time and now your clients are prepared. Comprehensive protection is what we’re all about.

Personalized Service After the Closing

You’ve taken great care of your clients, guiding them through the biggest purchase of their lives. We continue the personalized service after they’ve moved into their new home. We’ll contact them to explain their plan and answer any questions they may have and explain how to request service.

Seller’s Protection

Offers inside and outside utility line & major systems (heating and cooling, water heater) protection for the seller for up to 90 days during the selling process for just $120.

Product Renewal

We’ll contact your client when it’s time to renew. Best of all, there are no renewal price increases to the existing product!

Additional Protection Options

Items outlined below may be added to your client’s protection for an additional charge. Please note that heating and cooling and water heater charges are for each additional unit not protected by the plan’s standard cost.

  • Additional Heating and Cooling – $252
  • Additional Water Heater – $72
  • Pool and/or Hot Tub System – $165
  • Limited Roof Leak – $75
  • Wet Bar – $45
  • Well and Septic – $195

Affordable Pricing

It’s just $660 annually (or $55 monthly*) for this comprehensive protection, plus a $100 administrative charge per failure/service call.**

Protection Total Home+
Outside Utility Lines
Includes water, sewer, gas**, and electric
Inside Utility Lines
Includes water, sewer, gas**, and electric
Major Systems
Includes heating, cooling, and water heater
Kitchen Appliances
Includes your refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop, oven, and range.
Laundry Room Appliances
Includes washer and dryer
Additional Features
Includes your garage door opener, garbage disposal, exhaust fans, plumbing stoppages, sump pump, toilet and trash compactor


Monthly Payment Notice

*When you select monthly payments, we’ll charge your credit card once monthly for 12 months.
**Limitations apply. Full details of protection are in the Service Agreement, which you can view at Only available in Ohio.


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